The IMC Group

Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning? At IMC Group, we think of it as market psychology, a unique approach to evaluating a company’s internal and external environments – thought processes, workflow, business units, and much more – for superior brand development. We work with our clients to make sure that management remains constantly in touch with the evolution of their brand and the best ways to reach their customers.

Since no two clients are alike, we develop a custom plan for each product and service that we work on. Although the path is always different, the philosophy is always the same: Thorough strategic planning supports smart marketing – smart marketing increases sales. We support your message and sales goals with:

  • insightful strategic planning that allows new ideas to flourish while opening doors to industry-wide best practices
  • expert, innovative database development we can vastly expand your network
  • efficient implementation with a skilled and imaginative creative team


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