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VideoHelper Launches COMPLETELY NEW Online Search Engine

VideoHelper is proud to announce the release of our brand new search engine. We’ve created a faster, more intuitive search experience that “thinks like a producer” and gets you the tracks you need, quickly and painlessly.

This new system is in addition to our existing PLAY system. An easy one-time registration is required by ALL USERS (including current VH Clients and PLAY users) in order to download tracks. No registration is required to audition tracks.



With our new, user-friendly and streamlined interface, searching has never been faster or more intuitive with features like:

 Search via “Scenarios”. Nearly 300 initial categories such as “Don’t You Die on Me Man”, “Debate, Gladiator Style” and “Blowing Stuff Up” allow users to search for tracks by using real-world descriptions for situations/emotions.

Graphic waveform display, providing an instant audio and visual guide to where each cut builds, pauses, or changes intensity.

 Save, share and email playlists to colleagues! Share, share, that’s fair!
 Access to our newest, topical original material reflecting current events such as political campaigns and world crises months before it’s released on CD.


Okay, there’s always a catch, so a couple of things you need to know in order to access and start using the new search engine:

ALL USERS must complete an easy one-time registration in order to download tracks. No registration is required to audition tracks.

If you’re a current user of the PLAY Search Engine, you will still need to re-register for our new site in order to download. No exceptions! The two engines are not interchangeable.

 PLAY is still active and will continue to be active and updated. You will have the choice of using either or both sites. Don’t worry, we’re not taking PLAY away!


We couldn’t just release a new search engine without releasing some new material! That would be like giving a child a remote control car with no batteries. We’re not monsters.

Our newest collection, Drammageddon (VH Disc 40) offers up 150 tracks of big, intense, crap-your-pants drama!



Plain and simple. Accessing our library online is the best and most advanced way to experience the scope of VideoHelper.

All new VideoHelper material is released online weeks before physical CDs and well in advance of the PLAY System. If you want new VideoHelper material, you will find it exclusively here first!

Nearly 1,000 archival cuts, background/alternate versions and remixes of tracks NOT available on our CDs. Why miss out on that?!

 Better, faster searching and sharing capabilities.


Click here to cancel your CD updates and opt to utilize the VideoHelper Library exclusively online.



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